frost® Ground Contacts

The mechanical structure of our frost® ground contacts fulfils the applicable national and international standards and directives. The material pairings are continually optimized.

In the construction or in the direction of working of the carbon brushes, a distinction is made between axial and radial operation contact systems.
In the area of standard applications, the traditional round-brush constructions have been replaced by multi-brush constructions. The reasons for this are the higher possible current transmission and the somewhat simpler construction of the contacts.
We further developed the successful principle of the multi-brush contacts and derived the successful frost® pressure system from it.

frost ® Ground contacts with the axial mode of action
Axial acting frost ® Ground contacts are unlikely to internal and external mounted wheel sets for use. They direct the return flow of current across the face of the axle in the wheel set, so that it flows through the wheels to the rail.

Axial frost ® Ground contact systems are mounted on the bearing housing or directly to the wheel, which requires a special design with own bearings and torque arm.

frost ® Ground contacts with the radial mode of action
Radial acting frost ® Ground contacts are used when the clearance profile is restricted, bogie special designs make this unavoidable or customer specification prescribes it. They direct the return current to flow directly into the axle, from where it can flow out via the wheels to the rail.

Depending on the space available, we recommend radial frost ® Ground contact systems as completely sealed.