Onshore Power Supply for Cruise Ships

The market for ship cruises is continuously growing over the past years. During the last 10 years the number of passengers only in Germany has tripled and currently this trend does not seem to end soon. The frequency of calls at the ports world-wide is constantly rising.
As a logical consequence of these growths the problem of exhaust emissions in the ports is increasing. At an average a cruise ship is at the pier 40 % of its operating time. During this time the onboard systems need to be supplied with power. This usually is produced by the ship’s own diesel generator sets.

Onshore power supply by means of container-system

The feed of the onshore power supply for container vessels is realised by the installation of a 40 ft. HC-container in the bottom storage row. The mounting height can be up to approx. 25 m above the quay wall.
The system consists of a spiral cable reel with slip ring assembly and fibre optic rotary connector incl. the drives for the reel and the extension system of the roller conveyer. The operation is effected by means of a radio remote control.

Onshore Power Supply for Bus