Onshore Power Supply

The emissions caused in the port area are a growing problem due to the increasing capacities of the ports. For keeping the vessel functional in the quay area of a port normally the required power is produced by means of auxiliary diesel engines and generators while the main engine is switched off.
In the future, a power supply by means of onshore power supply units will replace the diesel-powered vessel generators to a large extent. The implementation of emission limit values and environmental specifications in
general additionally expedite this development. We offer systems and system components for feeding onshore power into the onboard power grid and thus contribute to reducing the emissions of air pollutants, noise and carbon dioxide in the port area.

The feed of the onshore power supply for container vessels is realised by the installation of a 40 ft. HC-container in the bottom storage row. The mounting height can be up to approx. 25 m above the quay wall.
The system consists of a spiral cable reel with slip ring assembly and fibre optic rotary connector incl. the drives for the reel and the extension system of the roller conveyer. The operation is effected by means of a radio remote control.